6th August 2008:
Corpse looting system:

After beating JD's head in with a giant hammer, Nyphur steals his stash of precious wooden logs (Its the only item I've made yet :P). This screenshot also showcases the outdoor area that I threw together to test the mechanics for chopping down trees. The graphics are obviously in need of extreme attention but at this stage in development all of the graphics are essentially just placeholders that will be replaced with something better later.

Updated view from JD's perspective since I've changed how being dead looks since the last round of screenshots. I went back to the bright, pale blueish tint as it felt a little more ghostly than the dark version.

16th July 2008:
Small update:

Nyphur just beat JD's head in with the hammer. This is the picture from Nyphur's perspective.

This is the same screenshot from JD's perspective. Dead players can no longer see live ones and vice versa. There is a flag on wach character that determines if they can see ghosts. This will probably be used for resurrection.

21st June 2008:
Some initial screenshots:

This is the main game screen inside a dungeon. The server is up and two players (Nyphur and JD) are connected. Both players have 50 hitpoints (10 per heart), 40 armour (10 per shield) and a stamina total (green bar) displayed. In this screenshot, JD and Nyphur have been smashing each other in the head with hammers.

The same screenshot from JD's perspective. He's been killed and his screen has gone a washed out blue colour to indicate that he's now a ghost. Currently, dead players can still move around but can't interact with anyone and they can be seen by anyone. This will be the next thing to fix.