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More recent screenshots

6th October, 2009:

A system with a blue star. A little more info included on the panels now.

System screen:

30th September, 2009:

Made numerous cosmetic upgrades, including star colours and planet lighting. It now officially looks awesome :D.

System screen, work in progress:

29th September, 2009:

Added more info to the info pane, created a colony info pane.

System screen, work in progress:

26th September, 2009:

Work continues on the system view.

System screen, work in progress:

22nd September, 2009:

A screenshot of the new shaders I've integrated into the system view. So far terran is the only planet type, I'll need to develop for the others.

System screen, work in progress:

21st September, 2009:

A screenshot of the basic System screen as it is now. I've just created it so there's not much to it other than displaying information from the Star object in the form of planets.

System screen, work in progress:

20th September, 2009:

A few screenshots of the different environments the colony screen can generate. Below you can see Terran, Ocean, Tundra, Desert, Molten and Toxic. I've left off Swamp because I don't have it the way I want it due to a problem with the water shader and Barren because it's boring.

Colony screen: Terran Environment

Colony screen: Ocean Environment

Colony screen: Tundra Environment

Colony screen: Desert Environment

Colony screen: Molten Environment

Colony screen: Toxic Environment

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