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More recent screenshots

1st November, 2009:

System names implemented. Only those marked as "visited" are named and can be entered.
Galaxy screen:

Prototype user interface, first attempt.
Galaxy screen:

28th October, 2009:

Showing the distributed background nebular effect, which like the background stars has a visual parallax when dragging the map around.
Galaxy screen:

Showing a nebula surrounding a star and the sensor grid surrounding a "colonised" system.
Galaxy screen:

Same as the above screenshot but with the sensor grid visuals disabled. Sensor range is still visible as the clear area in the galactic plane.
Galaxy screen:

22nd October, 2009:

Third attempt at the galaxy screen. Everything here is in 3D (including the little stars in the background) and the map can be drag-scrolled etc.
Galaxy screen:

Zoomed out and showing the procedural nebula system.
Galaxy screen:

18th October, 2009:

Second attempt at the galaxy screen. I've overlayed MOO2's galaxy screen UI to put it in context. It's important that people be able to quickly visually separate the foreground and background stars. I've decreased the contrast on the background to try and separate it.
Galaxy screen:

14th October, 2009:

Removed these screenshots because I decided to go a completely different way with the galaxy map and these looked crap.

13th October, 2009:

I think the system screen is pretty much complete now.
System screen:

The fixed water shader in a Terran environment.
Colony screen:

Swamp environment. After fixing the water shader, I realised this actually looked quite good and didn't need redone.
Colony screen:

Tundra with the fixed water shader. You can't tell in a screenshot but the water doesn't move, giving the appearance that it's frozen.
Colony screen:

Older screenshots.

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